About me


Hi, I’m Maria. I have been interested in ways I could end my own suffering for a long time. I started thinking at a young age that feelings of sadness showed weakness and were not okay. And in a way, that’s what created my suffering and my search to end it. I was raised Christian and I looked to Jesus for my salvation when things got tough during my childhood in Romania. I witnessed my parents get into fights and wished someone could help them. I lost an uncle when I was 12. He had cancer and that led me to research different healing modalities for cancer, mostly alternative and gentle ways of dealing with it. I lost a child in 2005 and then had an experience of God that was extremely loving and which led me to more spiritual searching.

I quit my job at the Post Office in 2010 and started homeschooling my kids. I started reading books for fun and just enjoying myself more. That’s how I came across some books written by Martha Beck, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie . The process of The Work of Byron Katie made sense to me, even though I struggled with doing it on a daily basis. I reluctantly signed up for the Forgiveness Intensive in Ojai in October of 2013, and then joined the Institute for The Work, which kept me connected to The Work.

I used The Work on relationships with my husband and my children, my mom, my father, and my siblings. I had a lot of childhood memories that occupied my mind. I experience freedom in my mind from these childhood memories. There is space in here now.

One practical benefit I received from doing The Work is that my house is cleaner than it ever used to be. I had a deep, impregnated belief that my husband would get mad at me if I threw any of his stuff out. That kept me stuck in depression for the first 15 years of my marriage. The more my mind got clean, the more my house got clean, as well.

I love The Work because it helps me take a look at me first, kind of like a doctor healing herself first. I struggled with migraines for 25 years and I can finally say I am healed.

And now I’d like to offer it to people who might struggle with conflict at home or at work, people who lost someone really dear to them, to parents, to people who struggle with a chronic medical condition, or to anyone who feels drawn to it.

In my heart, there is a message for people out there who are suffering.  I understand your pain. Through The Work, I discovered that there is a way out of trauma, I don’t have to fight with my partner, I don’t have to yell at my kids, and sometimes I do. I am the answer to my problems. I am the doctor I’ve been looking for.